Monday Habit Challenge: Stop Eating When 80% Full

Good morning!

Lovely, icy, weird, rainy weather we have been having right? :) I had a fun weekend (spent inside of course) with a friend after the dog and I were kicked out of the house for my wife's baby shower this Sat :) Our due date is only a month (or less, who knows) until I become a dad! I'm pretty excited!

So how did it go last week with eating slowly? If you gave it a try you might have noticed a couple things: one: how quickly you typically eat your food, two: how long 20minutes actually is (tick.....tick......tick) and three: how your food actually tasted (isn't that neat?) When life gets crazy and overwhelming just come back to this simple habit; slow down, breathe, and enjoy your food.

So the habit for this week is to...

Stop eating when you are 80% Full

How many of you had tried diets before where you had to track a bunch of points, or calories, or grams? How easy was it to do that with every single piece of food or drink you put into your mouth? How easy was it to maintain for 1 year? 5 years? 20 years?

I've found that having to track all that all the time just sucks the life out of living! Who wants to do that forever? But there is an easier (and better I might add) way to track portion control.

Once you have mastered the habit of eating slowly you can add this habit of stopping when you are 80% full. What if we did this for Thanksgiving dinner? Do you think you'd eat less? What about Super Bowl party? 

This is such an important habit as it retrains you to actually pay attention to your hunger and fullness cues and actually use them to regulate your eating. So then you can actually eat when you are hungry and not eat when you are not. Wouldn't that be nice?

So this week at each meal record how hungry and full you were at each meal. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being Thanksiving-loosen-the-belt-hardly-move stuffed and 10 being I am so hungry I could eat this brick wall record how you felt at the beginning of the meal and at the end.

You may start to notice a pattern. If you're a 10 hungry you typically eat until a 1 full. What we are shooting for is around a 7 hungry and eating until a 3 full. So experiment with this, this week. Figure it out. A little self discovery is good for yah right?

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