Are you floating?

So yesterday I got the privilege of experiencing "floating" for the second time. Let me explain myself, before you think I'm on drugs or something (though it does relax you quite a bit, I can see how you could confuse the two). So "floating" or "Float therapy" is hopping into the above floatation tank that has 900lbs of epsom salt so when you lie down it takes no energy to float on the surface. The water is the same 98.6 degree temp as your body. After you shut the lid it is completely dark and there is no sound. So essentially it is complete sensory deprivation.
Now why would you want to do this you might ask? Great question, love the feedback :)

Dr. Dan Engle, a board certified psychiatrist and neurologist who combines functional medicine with psychiatry to enhance health and performance actually said "After two weeks of floating [twice per week], I feel like I normally would after a month of daily meditation, even if I am not's essentially like meditation on steroids. It starts to recalibrate the entire neuroendocrine system. People who are running in stress mode or sympathetic overdrive start to relax over see heart rate normalize, hypertension normalize, cortisol normalize. Pain starts to resolve. Metabolic issues start to resolve. Anxiety, insomnia, mental chattering can be significantly improved." 

That's quite the list!

If you feel like floating could be beneficial or you would like to give it a try you can go to and try it for only $40 for your first hour and a half session. I get no commission or affiliate off of this, I am just a big fan of what they do. They also have infrared saunas, and if you mention Michael from Thrive Culture sent you over you can also get a free cryotherapy session (excellent for reducing inflammation, improving oxygen flow, and recovery) and a normatech session (great for muscle soreness.)