Food on the Fly...

So we talked about how it can be difficult to get the workouts in while you are traveling and I gave an excellent tip to use high intensity treadmill sprints to do you workout in only 6 minutes and still progress toward your goal (2min walk warm up, 15sec 8mph, 10% incline (adjust if too intense) 15sec rest, repeat 4 times and 2 min walk to cool down). Go on, give it a try. You'll be surprised at how much work you get in during that time.

But it can also be difficult to eat healthy while you are traveling. The three most common reasons for eating fast food is its quick, convenient, and it tastes good (fatty, salty, all the good stuff, right?). 

So the question becomes how can we have food that is quick, convenient, tastes good, that is healthy for us while we travel?

It comes down to planning. Just like anything else in life or your business you have to plan to be successful. So how do we do that with nutrition?

Here are some tips:
- Scope out where you are staying for grocery stores, healthy markets, restaurants with healthier options
- Book a hotel that has a mini kitchen or a mini fridge and microwave
- Pack a cooler, bags of veggies, fruits, and nuts, 
- Protein bars (most of them are like eating a candy bar with extra protein in them, so making homemade versions are great or Quest and Dale Raw Protein Bars and also good options)

So a lot of these things you may already know but here's the question...How can you actually implement what you know and prepare in advance for your next trip?

Dedicated to your success,
Michael Bauman
CEO of Thrive Culture

P.S. If you would like help knowing how to prepare for when you travel to be a healthy jet-setter shoot me an email at