Overlooked tip to reduce body fat and hunger...it's probably not what you think...

 My little sleeping Theo...

My little sleeping Theo...

So this morning I woke up to a shock... I realized I actually slept through the night! After quickly checking to make sure the little guy was alright (which he was) I got up feeling amazing! It's incredible what a little sleep will do for you, right? Thanks little Theo, for being considerate and realizing, that while your hunger needs may seem all encompassing, you will survive and still turn out to be a wonderful human being. 

You want to know the overlooked tip to reduce body fat and hunger...well I've already mentioned it...sleep. What?! You might be asking? Sleep? I thought you were going to give me a magic exercise or nutritional hack to kick the body fat to the curb. Well, in some ways it is, and it is one of the last things we think of. 

Our bodies can't have optimal health without sleep. Several studies have linked lack of sleep (fewer than 6 hours/night) with weight gain. While those who slept 8 hours had the lowest body fat percentage out of participants. (1) People who sleep less than 5 hours/ night have a greatly increased risk of developing diabetes. (2,3) The list goes on with lower sleep being linked to cardiovascular disease and even a 3x greater risk of getting a cold. 

So while it is not the only factor, and exercise and nutrition also play a huge role, it is an often overlooked component, in our overall health and wellness. I realize you are busy and a lot times sleep is the first to go during stressful times.  So instead of completely overhauling your regular sleep (unless you want to) try adding maybe 15-30minutes to your regular routine using some of these tips to help you.

Sleep Infographic

Michael Bauman
CEO of Thrive Culture

P.S. If you would help fitting the puzzle pieces of exercise, nutrition, and sleep together in your life to accomplish your goals give me a call 317-900-3276 or shoot me an email at info@thriveculturecoaching.com and we can set up a time to talk. 

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