Want to know the #1 indicator of people's success?

So we all chase perfection or success in some way or another, whether that is hitting certain revenue goals or percentage of year over year growth for our company, or whether it is making 6 or 7 figures a year. 

But what really makes us successful? So, obviously, there are a whole number of variables that go into this equation from determination, hard work, opportunity, growth and development, mentors and social support, but from all of the variables, one of them stands out: consistency, showing up day after day, month after month, year after year, and step by step moving toward your goals. 

You may have determination but if it isn't partnered with consistency it won't carry you through the long haul. You may work hard but if you don't work consistently it also will fall short. We all know opportunity by itself doesn't directly relate to success though it can play a part, and you have to be consistently growing and developing or investing in your relationships.

Your health is no different. Every healthy choice, from choosing vegetables, to drinking more water, to finding even 10 minutes for exercise is a deposit into the account. If you do enough of those things and you do them consistently year after year you will see success.

So people ask me what is the perfect exercise plan for me? Or the perfect diet? 

And while there are ones that are better than others, a better question to ask may be...

What can you do consistently everyday?

The plan that you can do consistently, beats the perfect plan that you can't.

So honestly ask yourself, with all the demands on your time and energy, realistically how many days of exercise can I do CONSISTENTLY? And how much time per exercise session can I consistently commit to?

What changes to my nutrition can I do CONSISTENTLY (even if they are small changes)? 

Start with asking "What can I consistently do to move me towards getting the body, confidence, and energy I want?"

Dedicated to your success,
Michael Bauman
CEO of Thrive Culture

P.S. If you've tried many things in the past and maybe even had success for a short period of time but you aren't sure how to consistently maintain your results and success let's talk about it.