Do you know your weaknesses?

 Art by Ken Taylor

Art by Ken Taylor

So today I barely rolled out of bed (as I usually do). It has always been a struggle for me to get up. My roommate in college described me as "the most disciplined, undisciplined person" he knew. When I am awake I am super productive, accomplishing things, setting goals, implementing strategies etc, but when I am asleep and I try to wake up...that's a different story.

It's like Moby Dick, the great monster of the deep (or should I say "The Great Monster of Sleep"), surges up from the depths to drag me hopelessly back down into the comfortable grave of my covers. This is especially true now that I have a little one and I am awake at odd hours of the night like last night at 3:20am. Such a great time to be awake!

So why am I telling you all this? Good question. I am telling you this because this is an area that I struggle in or an area that I am weak in, and in order to be successful we have to, not only know our weaknesses, but also create strategies to help us overcome them or find people to fill them.

I know, for me personally, if I don't work out in the morning it is not going to happen. So, since being fit and healthy is important to me (it's good to know that a health coach walks the walk right?), I had to come up with a strategy to overcome my weakness and propensity for slumber and my loving companion: the snooze button. So how did I do this?

I leveraged the power of social support. I consistently workout with two other friends first thing in the morning. So I kind of have to show up, especially because I am the one creating the workouts. So, I knew that sleeping in is an area of weakness for me and I developed a plan and strategy to overcome it. 

So what are the areas that you know you struggle in when it comes to your health and fitness? 

Do you find it hard to consistently exercise? Do you find it difficult to make healthy choices at business lunches surrounded by your peers and clients? 

Take some time to think about what situations or people make it difficult for you to be healthy or areas that you are weak in and develop a specific strategy and plan to overcome them. 

Dedicated to your success,
Michael Bauman
CEO of Thrive Culture

P.S. If you would like help overcoming your weaknesses by developing a strategy and plan shoot me an email at or give me a call at 317-900-3276