Monday Habit Challenge: Eat Slowly

Happy Monday!

How did it go on last week's challenge of making time for your health and fitness goals? 

Where we spend our time is a direct reflection of what we really value in life. We may say that we value family but if we are working 80hours a week and not seeing them, then your values might be in other places. We may say we value our health and its important but if we aren't investing time then there are other values that are higher than it. Also you can't make lasting change in the area of your health without consistently making time to make it happen. That's why we started with that habit. So continue making time but also...

Do the habit challenge for this week:

I know simple right? ...But not necessarily easy. Why is this important you ask? 

It takes 20 minutes for our body to actually signal to us that we are full. So what do you think happens when we eat really fast in 5 minutes? We typically overeat because we haven't given our body the time to put on the brakes. Also it helps us enjoy our food more. Yes, you heard that right...enjoy our food. If you are looking for lasting change you have to enjoy the food you are eating. Yes, there may be discomfort in the change when you are trying things you don't like but you should enjoy your food and your life. 

This habit actually helps us be mindful of our food, taste the flavors, spices, textures, fragrances, enjoy the company, and appreciate what we have. 

So ask yourself this week on average how fast you typically eat your meals? 5min? 10min? 15min? Then try to add 2-3minutes to that time. If you are really brave you can shoot for 20minutes. There is a neat app called EatSlowly (fancy that) for Apple users where you can set a timer for each of your meals as a reminder. 

So good luck and slooowww dooowwwn the crazy!
Michael Bauman
CEO of Thrive Culture