What do Diapers, Showers, and Protein have in Common?


My life! That's what they have in common! So its becoming real about having our first kid (we are due in a couple weeks). My wife was at another baby shower and it seems like there in a never ending stream of diapers and cute clothes coming into our house along with all of the miscellaneous items that everyone swears that you need! 

It can be hard to focus on our health and nutrition when there is so much else going on, but that's why I love the power of habits. Once you develop them they become almost second nature. You don't have to think about them to do them because you have developed a system and a structure that allows you to be successful. 

So let's review what the Habit Challenges we have covered so far. We started out with making time for you health and fitness. Then we focused on eating slowly and stopping when you are 80% full (an excellent regulator of portion control without all the counting and calculators). Now we are moving on to protein.


Protein provides the building blocks for every structure in your body. It helps you feel full and it helps slow down the release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream thus reducing the resulting insulin spike from high carbohydrate foods.

Here is a list of some protein packed foods:
Protein sources:
Lean meat: beef, venison, other wild game
Poultry: Chicken, turkey, duck
Fish and seafood: Shrimp, Crab, Tuna, Salmon
Cottage Cheese
Plain Greek Yogurt
Protein powders

Vegetarian sources of protein:
Lentils, beans, tempeh, tofu

There are obviously a lot of other things that contain protein but these are protein packed!

So your habit for this week (should you choose to accept it :) is to have at least 3 servings of protein a day. You can use the palm of your hand to judge the serving size. Women should be shooting for one palm with each meal and men can shoot for 2 palms per meal. 

Michael Bauman
CEO of Thrive Culture

P.S. If you want help with getting enough protein or consistently applying what you already know. Let me know