Fun Friday!

Here we are again at the end of the week. The weather's getting colder and we begin to see the myriad of yellows, oranges, and reds, that speckle the trees with their varying hues and tints. Only you can determine what wonders this weekend might hold for you, but here are three suggestions.

First, we have camping in the back yard. Many of us have fond memories of the times that we went camping as a family growing up. Granted, we never really got very good sleep and we always left smelling like smoke but the adventures we had really stick with us. From the hikes where you or one of your siblings fall in a creek to the incessant mosquitos that make for wonderful bedfellows that never leave, even after being politely and repeatedly asked to do so, those memories are treasured and cherished. You can't forget the raccoon (or bear) that decimated the food supply while you slept and made enough of a racket to scare to living daylights out of any sensible person trying to get some shut eye. The list goes on and on. So, since it can be difficult to get away and make a weekend of it (though you are welcome to do so) you can bring the fun to the backyard. Why not try to set up camp in the backyard and bring the experience to your backdoor (less road trip time with nagging kids)? Set up the tents, bring out the mosquito repellant, and the flashlights and tell scary stories just like you normally would. I guarantee it will be a weekend to remember!

Second, we have the wonderful fall campfire. You can't beat that. Whether you are camping or not, adding the supplemental flickering of the flames and the warmth it provides on only one side of your body is always a good addition. You can get lost in the hypnotic flames that twirl and dance like the Aurora Borealis  snatched from the sky and draped in the colors of fall or you can roast marshmallows and savory the sticky sweetness that blends with the rich melted chocolate sandwiched in graham crackers (but don't let anybody know that I told you to do that).  

Finally, we have the option for the rainy day or if its just a little too chilly for you: the library. Often overlooked in our world barraged with constant color and light and sound, the simplicity and familiarity of a good book that unlocks a doorway to knowledge, or alternate realities, or fire-breathing dragons, can provide a unique and comforting contrast. But, by no means is that all that is stored in the winding labyrinth of bookshelves and and hushed people. If you want to check out some of the latest released movies or TV series you can do that. There are also many free events to educate yourself on various topics or simply discuss ideas found in the many books that are available. So give it a shot, you won't know what land you may be whisked off to like the Chronicles of Narnia or what world-altering apocalyptic battle you find yourself immersed in like the Battle for the Capitol in the Mockingjay.