Fun Friday!

So as the week winds to an end our minds begin to drift toward the weekend. What sporting events do I have to shuttle the kids to this weekend? Do I get to sleep in for once? Probably not. Why do the weekends seem as busy if not busier than the week...that's strange. How did that happen anyway? What about mowing the lawn? That always needs to be done. The grass, like a tropical jungle, has once again battled back from its previous devastation to make its onslaught on the yard until the whirring sound of the lawnmower blades strikes fear into the hearts of the little green soldiers that bravely hold their blades aloft.

The honey-do-list goes on and on. So we begin to mentally classify and order and arrange and schedule and manage our weekend just like our week. But what about the fun? What about the aspect of the weekend that you were looking forward to? What about the adventure?


That's what Fun Fridays are for!

Here are three things you can try this weekend to shake things up a bit!

SkyZone! For those of you who haven't been here before and are near a SkyZone...what are you waiting for? Git 'er done! For those of you who don't know what SkyZone is, it's an entire room of trampolines! There are even trampolines on the walls! What?! That's right...trampolines on the walls. Who doesn't want to try that out? Its a great place for kids to expend a fraction of that boundless reservoir of energy that we all secretly wish we had just a drop of, just a drop.  Oh! To be young again, and enjoy the thrill of bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down. But you can be young again! Shake off the hesitation and get in there with the kids, if you have them, or just go by yourself and let your inner kid out. Who cares what people think! You'll be having fun and be getting a darn good workout as well! Just be careful not to hurt yourself. Young at heart, but the body can start to feel the aches and pains. 

Go to a park and have a picnic! Who does that anymore? can. Take your significant other and make it special with some wine, grapes, and some nice cheeses. Or go as a family and lasso the bucking bronco that comes crashing into the house and somehow causes the world to dissolve into chaos every time you want to leave anywhere.  Your dog pees on the carpet, the kids start fighting, and you lose your keys and your mind all at the same time. That battle is yours and yours alone, my friend. Good luck, you're going to need it. 

Last, but not least we have the ever-present sporting events. You will, of course, do your parental duty and represent your family crest and honor at each exhibit of strength and prowess. Though, sometimes the real exhibit of strength and prowess is the weekly, even daily sacrifice, of all the parents out there that tirelessly support their kid's dreams to be Olympians and NFL All-Stars. (Shout out to all the amazing moms and dads out there. What you do is incredible!) So if you have to be there, why not go all out and have some fun? Why not get some creative juices going and give the mascot a run for his money? Come in some eye black and really show your fierce support for your kid! Or go and grab a ton of the "#1 Fan" foam fingers and hand them out to everyone around you. Then go crazy every time any kid on your team does anything! Get a wave started and don't let it stop until you have surfed it all the way to a home team victory!

So here are a couple things to spice up your weekend. Try one or all of them, or do something completely different but make this weekend fun and one to remember!

Comment below as to what you are most looking forward to this weekend. Comment if you try one of these ideas out and let us know how it goes!


We, Thrive Culture, do not have any affiliation with any of these facilities or recommendations. We just think they are fun and would add some joy into your life!